Perhaps one of the greatest utility multi-boxing/alts could have in Dark and Light Survival Mode is on unofficial servers during evolving elites and subsequent taming of mythical beasts. A server admin could set the alt account to near godlike status and use it to maintain the active status of the area around the elite beast in its pen. This would maintain the timer(s) during the lengthy processes of evolving and subsequent taming.

“Short for 'alternate'. [Alt] refers to the alternate character a player has from their main character”.1)

You are not expected to require a set of end-game characters in DnL2)

Dark & Light does not follow conventional MMO game design.

SnailGames do not see “problems” associated with alts in some games (such as ArchAge) where they can be used to make a player self-sufficient and wealthy. Prior to launching Dark and Light Early Access, Associate Producer Horsejoke said of alts: “I believe the plans are to only allow one character per server - multi-boxing shouldn't actually be possible (or viable, rather) unless a player is using some crazy advanced FPS bot that probably doesn't exist”.3)

Whilst multiboxing may have some perceivable use (scouts; house seal swapping in sieges etc), it would appear that multiboxing in Dark and Light is not a problem currently.