Banshee ( Nidhog )


Making their home in grasslands, forests, and floating islands, Nidhogs dominate Archos's Skies. Their peculiar obsession with metallic objects has earned them reverence among Archos's Dwarven population, as the Dwarves originally discovered their home in the mountains by following the Nidhog's natural metal ore-tracking abilities. Nidhogs have two sets of wings, giving them unparalleled control and speed in the air.


To tame a Nidhog, craft multiple Cobwebs and have two sets of armour if attempting the tame solo. Slow the Nidhog with Cobweb and keep it webbed every 20-25 seconds to chain the snare effect. Back away slowly while firing a bow or crossbow with stone hook arrows (?) at the target. Also circling the target is valid instead of running backwards. Rinse and repeat until downed, as per the taming guide.



One of the six fliers in game. Left-click is a bite attack that can gather. Right-click is to grab and pick up people and creatures. Left Control is a spin attack that does more damage at higher melee then left-click and does a faster attack speed than left-click. Left-Control can also make your flyer faster than normal, ground-based sprinting with shift but uses more stamina than shift flying. Can used to gather: raw meat; hide; and bone. Can also break: Strawwork; Woodwork; Stonework; with its Control Attack.


Called Nidhog in game not Banshee


Example of a Lvl76 tame (source)

Successful tame. Nidhog carrying a panther by YouTuber Nerd Parade


Only found in the Plains near the Dwarven Faction starting City, IronFast.

It was bugged where wildness would go down even with perfect food and nothing attacking it but this has been fixed. Wildness will drop slightly with regular carnivore feed and not at all with delicate carnivore feed.

Banshee (Nidhog)
Can be carried by NA
Tameable Yes
Attack Stance Aggressive
Preferred Food Fine Raw Meat,
Spawn Command
cheat summon 
Spawn Saddle Command
GiveItemNum 83 1 1 0