Making their home high in the mountains. Vrocks are a fairly common sight for adventurers around Archos. Gaia's magical influence has had a significant effect on Vrocks, causing the species to mutate into a two-headed creature. Each head thinks independently, making it difficult for them too coordinate while flying. This defect also makes Vrocks much easier to capture and tame than many other, more intelligent creatures.


Very easily tamable. Shoot it with Stone Hook Arrows while on the ground and let it break the line or just keep pumping arrows till its downed. It will rarely attack when trying to tame, if it does just run away then try again.


One of the 6 fliers in game. Beginner flying mount since easily tamed. Bad at weight and attacking. Left click is a bite attack that can gather. Right click is to grab and pick up people and creatures. Can used to gather raw meat, Hide, and Bone.




Not very useful, only tame if want an easily obtained flyer

Can be carried by Nothing
Tameable Yes
Attack Stance Defensive
Preferred Food
Spawn Command
Summon twohead_character_bp_c
Spawn Saddle Command
GiveItemNum 68 1 1 0