The boar is a common creature found in many parts of Archos. When first starting the game, this creature is one of the first you will see roaming the areas looking for food. Despite being omnivorous in the real world, the boars of Dark and Light eat mostly apples and grass. While the boar may be aggressive in nature, they have a pretty short range and unless you purposely or accidentally walk near them they will not attack and continue roaming the area. It is important to note that when they become aggressive toward you, they do have a charging attack and when another is near they will charge against you as a pack.


The boar is a low level tame, meaning it is fairly easy to tame one and can be quite beneficial to have as a new player. They can gather food, wood and twine which can be beneficial for those long hours of gathering resources for house building. The most important step to taming any creature in Dark and Light is to be prepared before setting off to tame ANYTHING. Since boars are fairly easy to tame, they can be tamed with Stone Hook Arrows. The number of these arrows required will depend on the boars level as well as constitution. The higher the level of the boar, the longer it may take. Once the boar becomes fatigued, drop down a Wood Taming Trough and place grass, apples or herbivore feed into the trough. It is important to note that while attempting to tame a boar, if there are other boars present they will become hostile and attack you along with the boar you are trying to tame so be aware of your surroundings before you cast your first arrow. Also, while the taming process is underway, do not move to far away from the boar. You need to keep steady track of the boars constitution as well as other creatures that may come and attempt to kill you and the boar.

Once your boar is tamed in order to mount you will need a Boar Saddle, which requires x15 fur, x10 twine and x8 wood.


The boar has many uses once it is tamed. The basic attack (by clicking the left mouse button) can harvest resources depending on the location. If the boar is near shrubs, grass, mushrooms or hay it will harvest blueberries, white-cap mushrooms, grass, hay and various seeds used for Farming (Action). If the boar is near trees it will harvest twine, wood and apples. (It has been noted that boars will harvest more twine then wood.) The boars special attack (activated by clicking the right mouse button) will launch your boar forward in an aggressive charge.


As of this update, only brown, black and grey colour variants have been spotted.



The Boar is the only beast as of right now that can harvest White Cap Mushrooms.

Raw Meat
Can be carried by ???
Tameable Yes
Attack Stance Aggressive
Preferred Food
Saddle Required Boar Saddle
Spawn Command
cheat summon BoarNew_character_bp_c
Spawn Saddle Command
GiveItemNum 66 1 1 0