Crystalline Beast


This giant stone beast is the largest creature ever discovered on Archos. Its body is made up of rocks that have been accumulated over countless years, making its body nearly indestructible. Its offensive strength is beyond compare, shattering anything unlucky enough to find itself below its massive hooves. the colossus's attack and defense are further bolstered due to the fact that its body exudes massive amounts of magical energy.

A Crystalline Beast is a mythical creature that derives from the transformation of a Kebo (Elite) (see transformation details).

Transformation Details

After about 10 hours in a server with 1x taming, a Kebo (Elite) has a chance to transform into a Crystalline Beast (Collossus). The chance of its transformation is higher while the elite is still glowing green. If it is glowing red, you have ruined your chance for it to transform.


The Crystalline Beast can be knocked down with the use of Iron Hook Arrows or a Stone Hammer (mainly dropped by Elite Goblins)

It's favorite food is Mystical Feed but it will also eat Fine Cured Meat.

The Elite Kebo may be trapped inside walls or gates while you wait for transformation. Our Crystalline beast was successfully tamed by hitting it with stone hammers while inside 6 small stone gates.


Also known as Collosses


Crystalline Beast
Fine Raw Meat
Can be carried by ???
Tameable Yes
Attack Stance Aggressive
Preferred Food Mystical Feed
Spawn Command
 Summon mushanbeast_character_bp_c