Elemental (Water)


Making their homes in lakes, rivers, or near any other body of water on Archos, Water Imps are mysterious , translucent embodiments of living water. Resembling a young, human woman, Water Imps are passive, gentle creatures that rarely attack others. Tamed Water Imps are invaluable to adventurers, providing hydration to them and any planted crop sin their vicinity.


Hit it till it is below 25% hp and use a Small Soul suppress stone on it to gain its soul and revive it in a Summoning Pool.


Used as a water source to drink from. Used to help water crops. Their damage is also very good.




They are not watering crops properly as of yet.

Elemental (Water)
Can be carried by ???
Tameable Yes
Attack Stance Defensive
Preferred Food Small Soul suppress stone
Spawn Command
Summon WaterElement_character_bp_c
Spawn Saddle Command Not ride-able