Frost Dragon


Hidden deep in Archos's frozen mountains, ice dragons are revered for their crystalline scales that glitter in the sunlight. Though powerful, they treat other creatures with kindness unless they sense aggression. Their deafening roars could cause a catastrophic avalanche.


Slow the Frost Dragon with Cobweb and keep it webbed every 20-25 seconds to chain the snare effect. Back away slowly while firing a bow or crossbow with iron hook arrows (?) at the target. Also circling the target is valid instead of running backwards. Rinse and repeat until downed, as per the taming guide.


One of the six fliers in game. Left-click is a bite attack that can gather. Can used to gather: raw meat; hide; and bone. Can also break: Strawwork; Woodwork; Stonework; and Ironwork.




Frost Dragon
Fine Raw Meat
Can be carried by Nothing
Tameable Yes
Attack Stance Aggressive
Preferred Food ,Fine Raw Meat,
Spawn Command
cheat spawndino "Blueprint'/Game/Mods/DarkAndLight/object/Monster/IceDragon/IceDragon_Character_BP.IceDragon_Character_BP'" 1 1 1 120 
Spawn Saddle Command
GiveItemNum 88 1 1 0