Bargesh are agile hunters in the wild, working in small packs to take down prey larger than themselves. Even though they don't have the greatest physical strength, their tenacity in battle is something to be admired. No matter how wounded they are, bargesh will continue fighting up to their final breath.


As a carnivore, place Carnivore Feed, Fine Raw Meat or Raw Meat in the trough. The Bargesh seems to prefer Spoiled Meat over Raw Meat and Fine Raw Meat and tames about twice fast than using the same. Once your bargesh is tamed in order to mount you will need a Bargesh Saddle, which requires x35 hide, x25 twine and x12 wood.


The bargesh can collect a moderate amount of hide and raw meat off fallen creatures.The bargesh can fill the following roles for early-mid game adventurers:

-Combat Mount: HP and Attack. Use the remaining skill point on Stamina and Weight if necessary.

-Hunter/Gatherer: A blend of HP and Attack, with Weight if necessary.

A level 150+ Bargesh being ridden can defeat a high level Panther, Skeleton and Wraith with it's fast R-click attack.


The Bargesh have been seen in black and from dark browns to lighter colours.

Raw Meat
Raw Meat
Can be carried by ???
Tameable Yes
Attack Stance Aggressive
Preferred Food Rotten Meat
Saddle Required Bargesh Saddle
Spawn Command
cheat summon Bargesh_character_bp_c
Spawn Saddle Command
GiveItemNum 67 1 1 0