Kebos (aka Kodos) are great, large creatures that make their home throughout Archos's grasslands. Its huge frame and thick hide make it nearly impervious to most attacks, and as a result has no natural predators. Kodos have a natural affinity with humans - they're relatively easy to tame, and many villages keep large groups of Kodos for use in farming or material transport due to their high stamina, In a fight Kodos can shrug off most attacks with its armored hide and sweep enemies off their feet with heavy blows.


Kebos are found frequently around Arcos which makes them a somewhat easy tame (compared to Bahamut) for stone gathering. Often roaming in and linked to herds, so be careful to thin out the additional Kebos around your target before you start taming it. If you are air-lifting to a taming pen, then this does not matter. If taming on foot, keep the beast webbed to slow it down and kite it whilst using a bow (remember to half-draw your bow to reduce damage and maintain wildness).

Stone hook arrows (e.g. lvl 96 needs around 80 arrows in Version 6337). Can be quite time consuming once KO'd. Eats standard herbivore food from the trough.


The Kebo is ranked second in stone, iron and sulfur gathering1)




Can be carried by ???
Tameable Yes
Attack Stance
Preferred Food
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