Sacred Gryphon


A Sacred Gryphon, Sacred Griffon or Peregriff is a mythical creature derived from the transformation of a Gryphon (Elite) (see transformation details). This creature deals high amounts of damage in an area of effect of about 8×8 to 10×10 foundations. The Sacred Gyphon can damage up to the ironwork structures but may not damage manor structures.

The Peregriff also deals damage as it walks.

Transformation Details

After about 10 hours in a server with 1x taming, a Gryphon (Elite) has a chance to transform into a Peregriff (Sacred Griffon). The chance of its transformation is higher while the elite is still glowing green. If it is glowing red, you have ruined your chance for it to transform.


Can be tamed with Iron Hook Arrows

Food For Taming:
Sacred Gryphon

Can be carried by N/A
Tameable Yes
Attack Stance Aggressive
Preferred Food Mythical Feed, Cured Fine Meat
Spawn Command summon Griffin_Character_BP_C