Tameable Creatures


All the creatures that are tameable are listed here:

-On land there is:

  1. Boar
  2. Centaurs
  3. Cyclops
  4. Elephant
  5. Dear
  6. Bahamut
  7. Bargesh
  8. Wraith
  9. Treant
  10. Spider
  11. Skeleton
  12. Sheep
  13. Longhorn
  14. Panther
  15. Lavatiger
  16. Kebo
  17. Horse (not tameable but able to buy)
  18. Bear
  19. Grut Stag
  20. Stirge
  21. Unicorn
  22. Wolf
  23. Yeti
  24. Ice Wolf
  25. Goblin
  26. Crystalline Beast
  27. Elite Unicorn
  28. Elite Kebo

And also in the air these are:

  1. Nidhog
  2. Fire Dragon
  3. Frost Dragon
  4. Vrock
  5. Griffin
  6. Wyvern
  7. Elite Nidhog
  8. Elite Griffin
  9. Pegasus
  10. Sacred Griffin

Elements are also tameable. But remember to be careful around the elite they will take even more time to down and they hit very hard.


All types of creatures are put in different groups these are:


| Carnivores will usually eat meats such as raw meat or spoiled meat. |


| Herbivores will usually eat food such as grass, apples etc. |


| Omnivores will eat both meat and plant. |

All creatures will need to be fed by there respective food types to be tamed. To find out a more detailed guide on taming check out this.


There are different colour variants of all types of creatures whether it is a dark shade or a lighter one.


This game is still in early access so the list may change with newer patches arriving.