Settlers of Ganareth - 2005. Prequel, to Dark and Light1)

Dark and Light, 2003-20082) . Produced by Farlan Interactive. Developed by NP3 Cube. Live event support from Alchemic Dream.

Dark and Light, 2016 - current3) . Produced by Snail Games. Developed by Snail Games.

X-Box One

X-box version is confirmed but not many details available at this stage. It was mentioned recently again on the official Dark and Light Twitter (August, 2017)

Playstation 4

No official confirmation of a PS4 version has been made. However, there is some hope for PS4 console owners that Dark and Light might eventually make an apperance. Ark: Survival Evolved has a PS4 port, and given Dark and Light's close relationship with Studio Wildcard via their mutual owners, Snail Games, it would seem a likely step sometime in the future.