A standardized currency will be implemented1) , as well as NPC vendors for supplying early game equipment and items.2) </sup> “Standardized currency [is] going to be something that should remain useful from early-game to late-game”3)


Players will be able to trade/barter with each-other through in-game interfaces/mechanics.

“Trading is totally allowed. Even though we now have a standard currency, there's still probably going to be a lot of haggling and bartering between players and we'll see a player-driven economy open up.”4)

“Donating” to merchants to increase their levels provides higher tier items to be sold & bought. at Roughly level 8 it seems they've unlocked everything.

That being said, as of now a standardized currency will be implemented, as well as NPC vendors for early-game equipment / items, and more. Before I mentioned that trading would be through bartering, but currency trading will be an option as well.
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