There are three factions to choose from in Dark and Light. Once a faction is chosen, that factions main city will become your spawn point.

Talos - Humans Estel - Elves Ironfast - Dwarves

Note: Players are able to create a character with the physical appearance of another race by using the in game template after choosing a faction. I.E. A character that looks like a Dwarf may play in the Estel faction.

The map below was released on Dark and Lights official website1) and shows some landmarks and the locations for the starting cities for the three factions. shdj1kz.jpg


Carved deep in the northern mountains lies the the Dwarven city of Zaharul. Zaharul means “cheers” in the dwarven tongue. The city celebrates an annual massive drinking party, bringing together all manner of men and women from the various races and cultures to get completely hammered in the name of tradition.2)

Dark and Light's Dwarven race makes their home in Zaharul, a massive city carved out from the inside of an enormous mountain.3)

Hidden deep within the mountains lies the city of Zaharul, the base of operations for Dark and Light's Dwarven race. You may not get much natural light living here, but the natural protection the city offers is unparalleled!4)

Be wary explorers - if you're not a Dwarf, you may not be welcomed in the Dwarven home city of Zaharul.5)

To the south, nestled in the forests, surrounded by nature lies the elven enclave of Estel.

The Elven home city of Estel is a great choice for players who prefer the great outdoors and bright, wide-open spaces!6)

The bright, spacious home city of Dark and Light's Elves, Estel, exists in stark contrast to the Dwarven home base. Any adventurer who loves nature will feel right at home here7)

Love the outdoors and elegant architecture? Starting Dark and Light in the Elven home city of Estel may be the perfect choice for you!8)