Farming (Action)

Farming is almost a necessity in Dark and Light; it will allow you to make taming items like the Iron Hook Arrows, and craft various feeds to improve your taming. Farming is a bit of work to get started, but once you have your initial set up done you will only need to keep it stocked with fertilizer!

To get started you will need a crop plot, some seeds, fertilizer, and water.

The first thing you should be concerned about is water, you can get this via water reservoir which can be filled from intake pipes connected to water, or will collect rainwater. Water reservoirs can also be filled by placing a filled glass bottle and remotely using the item. A full water bottle will add 200 units of water to a reservoir. You can also fill crop plots using this method – but it is not recommended.

Crop Plots

Crop plots come in three sizes: Small, Medium and Large. The type of crop plot you use can affect what plant can grow in it, its inventory space, and the amount of water it can hold.

Crop Plots
Plants Inventory Units Water
Small Wheat
10 200
Medium Wheat
15 400
Large Wheat
Elemental Plants
20 600


Fertilizer is a must for crops; they will not grow without it.

Like crop plots, there are three sizes of fertilizer: small, medium and large.

Fertilizer is measured in units of nitrogen. Fertilizer of all sizes can be used in any crop plot, the difference among them is the required crafting materials and the amount of nitrogen provided. Crops will use more fertilizer during their growth period. Once fully grown and producing, fertilizer consumption will decrease.

Fertilizer is made in a Compost Bin, and requires significant crafting time. It is recommended that you have multiple compost bins set up to maintain your fertilizer demand.

Required Materials Nitrogen Approx. Time
Small 20 x Grass
5 x Charcoal
18,000 20min
Medium Small Fertilizer x 5
10 x Rotten Meat
90,000 1Hr
Large 500 x Grass
125 x Charcoal
50 x Rotten Meat
50 x Magic Shards
450,000 5Hrs


On top of its set products, each plot will also over time produce more of its own seeds.

Product 1 Product 2 Product 3 Product 4
Wheat Seeds
Shrub Seeds
Fungal Spores
Darkweed Seed
Fireblossom Seed
Lightblossom Seed
Snow Lotus Seed
Terra Flower Seed
Thundergrass Seeds

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There are a few basic rules for farming pipes:
1) If you plan on pulling water from a water source you will need an intake pipe
2) Vertical and horizontal pipes will connect without a joint
3) Horizontal pipes will not be able to create angles, you will need a joint / cross pipe to turn your piping.
4) Water taps are needed to activly pour water on/around your crops to have them irrigated

Elemental Helpers

Though not yet implemented radial menus for both Treants and Water Elementals suggest they will be useful for farming in the future.
Treants: Greenhouse Effect
Seems effective where the treant directly stands on the crops. Water Elemental: Irrigation