Houses (Guilds)

Q&A Quotes

Guild systems are in, there are guild buildings, guild chat, special cooperative features, etc.1)

Guild System - there's not too much I can say about the guild system, I can't even confirm/deny if they're called guilds at the moment. Basic features include sharing structures, private chat channels, some shared authority over tamed creatures, etc.2)

There is some sort of merger/takeover control which allows multiple settlements under one player's (and his/her guild's) control.3)

Guilds will have a cap which hasn't been completely determined yet since we don't have a proper testing environment for it.4)

General Information

There will be a system in place for guilds and a party system. While you can survive on your own, it will be wise to be apart of a guild.

Guilds can build outside of cities, to make your own “town”

Guilds can be formed with people from outside your main faction

There will be a limit to the number of players per guild (unknown amount at this time)