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Welcome to the Dark and Light Wiki! This wiki is a sister-site to Ganareth.com, the first fan site for the reboot of DnL. This wiki will contain pre-release and Steam early access information about the game, along with compilations of Q&A sessions from Snail Games.

Join us on the Discord server for real-time discussions, or the Ganareth Dark and Light forum for in-depth discussions and to get to know the DnL community.

This wiki is edited by the awesome folks from Ganareth and the DnL subreddit. It's not publicly editable like many wikis, but you'll be able to gain access to editing if you send a message to one of the team members of Ganareth. Otherwise, all of the information contained on this wiki is open to the public to read and consume.

If you would like to contribute to the wiki, please send an article you'd like to post, or an addition to an existing article you'd like to rewrite/expand, to a team member for consideration in the first instance. From there you may be invited to become an editor. We're looking for well researched articles, posting sources, screenshots and links to evidence to back up your points and claims about DnL.

Current Contributors

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