Magic is sub-divided into multiple categories, including; Fire Magic, Water Magic, Earth Magic, Air Magic, Beast Magic, Light Magic and Dark Magic. There are also the crafting aspects of magic including; Staffs, Alchemy, Thaumaturgy and Enchanting. You will have a wide variety of magic to choose from, from fighting to buffing to transforming.. While you may not wish to master magic, you will need certain abilities to help you in your quest.

DnL employs a system of elemental magic: standard primal elemental magic: e.g. earth, water, fire, and a “few more unique ones as well”.1)

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  1. Shape Shifting: By feeding animals, players can get their magical crystals which can be used for shape shifting. That is to say, players can transforme into Pterodactylus,leopard and so on.
  2. Camouflage Skilled Earth mages can camouflage themselves and completely blend in with their natural surroundings.2)