Payment Model

The payment model indicated for Dark and Light is Buy-To-Play.1)

No price has been set for this when Dark and Light was first announced2) . It was expected to be similar to other games occupying a similar space in the MMO/Survival marketplace. When the EA date was announced in July 2017, the price was set at $24.99. It should be noted that the expectation for release was at China Joy, but the launch of another title in the Survival Fantasy/RPG genre in the same month was thought to have brought SnailGames' plans forward, and also to undercut that title's stated launch price.

Sierra 🖕 - How much will the game be when it comes out on steam [. . .]?

Tuesday_Addams - The price of the game is something we're still in the process of determining. I can confirm that the EA version will be relatively cheaper than the full release version, but as of now I can't give an exact number3)

The game has been released on Steam. The game will follow the early access model.4). It is not known how much the eventual “full” price of Dark and Light will be. However, another game in Snail's portfolio, Ark Survival Evolved, has recently been launched with a RRP of £49.99 (gbp).

It is not known whether there will be a cash shop to buy in-game items at this time, though it has not been ruled out at any point.

We do not know the nature of any EA, or pre-purchase bonuses at this time.

Dark and Light enters the Steam Game's top sellers list (image captured from Steam, July 29th 2017)