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Welcome to the Dark and Light wiki!

Wiki editing: see the Wiki Syntax to learn how to edit and use the wiki.

This homepage is currently a work-in-progress. As such, the below fields may be blank or non-existent.

Visit regularly to check for updates, or feel free to help with the content!


How do I edit the wiki?

How do I edit the wiki?

You can start editing the wiki right away by clicking the pencil icon on the right-hand side of the screen.

Alternatively, you can edit specific sections using the small “Edit” buttons after each section. If you'd like to edit without using Google's Recaptcha before submission, please register an account and log in.

What is Ganareth?

What is Ganareth?

Ganareth is a fan-run community for the survival game Dark and Light. It was the first one to be launched, and this wiki was later added due to popular demand. The name Ganareth itself is derived from the game's first incarnation, the MMO version of DnL released in 2006.

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