Dark and Light will have Full Loot, Free for all PvP server(s).

We only know that the server population will be under 10001) , somewhere likely between 70-500 to begin with in EA2) .

We do not know how many servers will be dedicated to PvP.

There will be no subset rules at launch of early access (e.g. no PvP-RP server).

The only other confirmed server ruleset is PvE3) .

PvP is not possible with your own faction in your faction capital cities4) 5) .

It is possible to engage players of opposing factions in your capital cities. There are guards who are “pretty strong”6)

In the wilderness, it is a free for all.

You will drop all of your currently held items and equipment upon death.7) 8)

PvP also take place during seiges. Very little is known about the mechanics of sieging at the moment.