Grass is a basic resource harvested using your hands, Stone Sword, Iron Sword and other beasts on any raised vegetation. It can be used as an early game food for players and a basic feed for Taming (Action) herbivores, but it is considered to be the worst food because it doesn't recover hunger well.

Grass spoils into Straw and can be used as a fuel instead of Wood in the Campfire, Fireplace and Forge. Or grass can be used in other crafting schemas. You can also turn grass into straw without having to wait for the spoil timer by simply adding this item into the Campfire inventory, clicking on the straw icon and hitting “craft item” or “craft all” to craft several in succession.


Tool Harvesting

Creature Harvesting

BahamutMastodornYetiKodoLonghornDeerGrut StagBoar

Crafting uses

Grass is used in several basic recipes.

Stack Size100
Spoil Timer60 Seconds
Spoils Into Straw
Item ID
Spawn Command
giveitemnum 270 1 0 0 1