Magic Shards are the magical force that exists inside of everything in the world of Ganareth. They are used for everything from spells, to taming, to advanced crafting of decor and potions.


There are multiple ways to gather Magic Shards with the most common being by hand and with the [Drain Spell].

When gathering by hand aim for bushes and grasses for the best results. A good location for farming with hand is the Wheat field.

When gathering with the [Drain Spell] most anything that you can harvest with a tool will yield large quantities of Magic Shards; from trees, to rocks and ores, to corpses, everything has these shards inside them

by hand in normal areas★★☆☆☆
Staff with Drain Spell★★★☆☆
by hand @Wheat field★★★★★
Magic Shard
Harvest ToolStaff
Empty Hands
Harvest From CreaturesYes
Stack Size100
Item ID269
Spawn Command