Raw Meat

Raw Meat is the basic meat resource of the game. It can be harvested by killing various beasts around the game world and using tools or weapons after the beast has been killed. Raw Meat can be used as a Taming (Action) feed for various beasts, but it is not recommended to consume this item for your own personal hunger as it will decrease your health and minimally increase your hunger, leaving you with even more hunger as your health has to regenerate from the loss.

Raw Meat can be cooked with the aide of a Campfire and be used as food in this state. Simply place the raw meat into the inventory of the Campfire with some Straw or Wood, select light fire and then either Craft Item or Craft All.

Note that raw meat does have a spoil timer of 10 minutes.


Tool Harvesting

Creature Harvesting

Crafting uses

Used to make Cooked Meat.

Stack Size100
Produces Cooked Meat
Spoiler Timer10 Minutes
Spoils Into Rotten Meat
Item ID
Spawn Command
giveitemnum 287 1 0 0 1