Stone is a basic mineral extracted from boulders and used to make basic tools, various crafts and fortified dwellings. At the earliest of levels the easiest way to gain stone is by hand from bushes. Stone can also be mined from large rocks using either a Stone Pick or Iron Pick but more efficiently with a Stone Axe or Iron Axe. An Elemental (Earth) can also attack various rocks and ores to harvest from them for you. Stone may also be obtained from harvesting a fallen Elemental (Earth). Currently, with the use of a Mortar and Pestle, stone can be refined into Quartz Sand which can then be used for other various recipes and crafts.


Tool Harvesting

Creature Harvesting


Crafting uses

Stone is used for many crafts and recipes and is a staple resource to have throughout your adventuring.

Stack Size200
Refined Into Quartz Sand
Item ID
Spawn Command
giveitemnum 279 1 0 0 1