Straw is a basic resource used in almost everything from weapons and armor to building structures. Straw can be obtained in a multitude of ways including but not limited to; passive Grass decay, raised vegetation harvesting either by hand, a tool, magic, a beast, or crafted in a Campfire.

Straw can be used in crafting but it can also be used as a fuel source for Campfire, Fireplace and Forge(s).


Tool Harvesting

Creature Harvesting

KodoMastodornYetiBahamutLonghornGrut StagDeerBoar

Crafting uses

Straw has many crafting uses and is seen in several “housing” schemas.

Stack Size200
Spoil Timer1 Hour
Spoils From Grass
Item ID
Spawn Command
giveitemnum 271 1 0 0 1