DnL will have player-built structures.

There will be an element of zonal control, which will place players in control of areas of cities and (we assume) the wilderness.

“Territorial conquest will have the “all sorts of possibilities for conquest, sieges etc”1)

you'll be able to participate / organize large-scale sieges against enemy bases, camps, what have you if you want, it's a thing that exists in the game.2)

Sieging does not have a formal in-game, built-in mechanic (as the original 2006 DnL did for example).

“It's pretty free form, not exactly a built-in mechanic so much as something you can just do whenever. You can stage a siege with as many or as few players as you'd like, and you can stage it for as long or as short as you'd like. Player-owned structures can be sieged, sacked, or destroyed whenever on a PvP server, which is where tamed defensive pets and other automatic defenses come into play.” Horsequote3)

Sieges will be one means for player controlled areas to switch ownership.