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 ====Recipes==== ====Recipes====
 |**Item**|**Materials**|**Knowledge Rank**| |**Item**|**Materials**|**Knowledge Rank**|
-|[[Copper Bar]]|x2 [[Copper Ore]]|Rank 4| +|[[resource:Copper Bar]]|x2 [[resource:Copper Ore]]|4| 
-|[[Iron Bar]]|x2 [[Iron Ore]]|5| +|[[resource:Iron Bar]]|x2 [[resource:Iron Ore]]|5| 
-|[[Mithril Bar]]|x2 [[Mithril Ore]]|7|+|[[resource:Mithril Bar]]|x2 [[resource:Mithril Ore]]|7
 +|[[resource:​Silica Powder]]|x1 [[resource:​Stone]]|7| 
 +|**Item**|**Time**|**Converts into**| 
 +|[[resource:​Fire Essence]]| 30 minutes|x| 
 +|[[resource:​Wood]]| 30 seconds|[[resource:​Charcoal]]| 
 +|[[resource:​Twine]]| 15 seconds|x| 
 +|[[resource:​Straw]]| 6 seconds|x|
 <WRAP center round todo 100%> <WRAP center round todo 100%>