Taming (Action)

Taming is considered a “complex mechanic”1)


When getting ready to tame you should first consider what type of beast you are aiming for, as there are restrictions to what can be tamed with Stone Hook Arrow versus Iron Hook Arrows.

When you find your target animal for taking, consider the area you are in and the way the beast moves. For instance, when taming a Boar keep in mind that they have moderate base movement speed and can move and attack in short bursts with their charge attack.

Protips: A maximum wild (official) creature is level 120, with proper feed to max out the creatures wildness (mechanic used to gain bonus levels) it can gain up to 45-50 bonus levels added to the base level of your targeted creature. Once you tame a creature there are approx. 50 levels the tamed creature can go up with experience with a max (official) level of 200-215. (Example: Wild Unicorn at level 110 fed with feed could tame out to 150 with a max level cap of 200.)

Items like the Rare Stone Hammer, which drops off Goblins and Goblin Elites, reduces their wildness substantially, so never use that for a good tame. Also, make sure not to punch, slice, or shoot magic at a taming creature, and use the fewest Hook arrows possible to keep it's constitution up.

It's important to note that creature stats per leveling are a % base increase. So the higher level the tame, the more 'wild' and then 'bonus' levels the tame can spend. That significantly increases the base amount of the stats, so when you add levels you can get a LOT more per point. Also note that not all creature tames are created equal. The game randomly allocates a creature's stat points, but you can find ones that have “weighted” stats. So you can theoretically tame a creature that has all stat points in HP, giving it a ridiculous amount of HP compared to a tame that has their stats spread more evenly. So a creature that has weighted stats instead of evenly placed stats before taming could be potentially worse then a lower level creature with evenly placed stats.


To use your chosen hook arrow, drag and drop it on top of the Bow or Crossbow and upon exiting your inventory make sure to check that an arrow is loaded. You will notice a 1/X (example; 1/23) on your weapons icon. This shows you that the bow is loaded and ready to fire.

When firing your weapon there is a short 'drawback' period to build power for the shot. Other things to keep in mind are drop and leading the target. If the beast is further away, aim higher and if it's moving perpendicular to you then aim where the beast will be not where it is. With enough practice you'll be a master shot in no time!


The first thing you will need after the animal has collapsed from exhaustion is a taming trough. There are two variations of the trough, the Wood Taming Trough and the Feeding Trough. Differences between the two are durability, capacity and cosmetic as far as is currently known.

The next thing you will need is the correct food. If you check your bestiary or this wiki, you will see that some beasts are herbivorous and some are carnivorous. For the herbivores you will need Grass, Apple or Herbivore Taming Feed; and for the carnivores, Raw Meat or Carnivore Taming Feed. And in some rare cases you may need other irregular items such as Rotten Meat for the Vrock/Berunda.

Pictures can be found here

Players can extract elemental magic from the fallen creatures to collect their “shards”, which can be combined at special temples to summon a tamed version of that creature completely under the players control.2)

When you see an elemental you need to have a large Soul Supress Stone in your hotbar. The trick is attacking the elemental withing half a bar of health, then hitting it with your stone, until you get a “Soul has been Surpressed” in green on the top of your screen. Then, you need to kill it. If you mouse over the stone, in your inventory, it will tell you items needed to revive the creature. The higher the level, the more resources it will take to tame. Then, you need to place the stone inside the summoning pool with the amount of resources stated on the stone. For instance: a level 76 stone elemental might take 1350 stone, and 1350 magic shards to tame. Then you hit the “Revive” button located inside the pool. If you notice a creature has for example 350/0 health, then you will need to make a medium stone (the blue one) put that stone in your hotbar to save his soul, and then kill him. Then put THAT stone in the pool with probably even more resources than previously required, and revive him again.


Standard Taming

Elemental Taming

There are two types of stones used to tame Elementals:

The “Small Supress Stone” and the [Greater] “Soul Supress stone”.

The Lesser Stones are used to tame the Fire and Ice Imps, and they can be found at the Volcano or Ice Mountain.

The [Greater] Stones are used for the bigger Elementals that you encounter around the map. (Light, Ice, Fire, Earth, etc) To use the stone, have it equipped and just left click with it, some say to hold, but clicking it once did the trick for me.

In order to tame Elementals, you must first damage them so they are close to dying [if the health is too high a message will pop up and tell you that “The animal blood is too much”] and then, by using the stone, “save” them on said stone. The easiest way to do this is to shoot said Elemental with a spell, or other ranged weapon for easier kiting and then try and use the stone. Rinse and repeat until success. The glyph on the rune will turn white and you'll get a message saying it was successful. A little tip: Aiming for the feet of the Elemental helps when aiming.

When said soul has been absorbed into the stone it will tell you what materials are needed to revive it. As en example, a 120 Earth elemental would require around 2000 Stone and 2000 magic shards to be put into the summoning pool

Side note: sometimes it bugs and even if you suck the soul of a let's say a lvl 100 elemental, i can turn into a lvl 1. Currently, imps and elementals despawn after server restart, so save the absorbed elementals/imps you have that are at a good lvl untill this problem has been fixed. Also, if you have several stones in your summoning pool, whichever creature you have that you want to revive needs to be placed before any other stone as they lay in a “que” otherwise.

Elementals that can be absorbed with the [Greater] Soul Supress Stone

Earth Elemental

Air Elemental

Fire Elemental


Light Elemental

Although not a Elemental per se, Treants can be absorbed.

Creatures absorbed with the Small Supress Stone

Fire Imp

Ice Imp

Water Elemental


The Treant has an effect on plants in plots that makes them grow faster and supposedly produce said plant's herb faster. Combined with the the ability of the Water Elemental to work as a water sprinkler for the crop plots, makes for some efficient farming.

More testing/feedback is needed to confirm pros/cons.