Making DnL Gold from NPC Vendors

Originally posted by IkkiEv (used with permission)

Now that I know how to get ~3000 of gold every day in-game, I asked to myself: “Why shouldn't I help others players?”, so I decided to make a small guide to get gold and buy stuff like the Feed/Kibble for taming.

1.- GOLD. Start gathering gold from the requests of all the sellers. You will starting gaining gold in small amounts. At the beginning try to get 50 fur, because one of the sellers buy it at 200 gold.

You will need: - ~300 of Twine. - 200 of Stone. - 250 of Wood. - 200 of Hide. - 50 of Fur.

With this, you will get around 800-1000 gold every day in-game. (Remember that sellers restart at 8:00 in-game) 2.- UPGRADE. Now that you get some gold, it's time to get more gold, yaaay. Use the gold you've got to upgrade one seller. I highly recommend to upgrade first the Blacksmith or the Builder. Why? Because they will request you 100 of raw copper/iron and 100 of copper/iron ingots for the good amount of 800/400(iron) or 400/200(copper). Then upgrade also the one that request you fur, because she will request you later powder of sulfur, stone and bones.

By this time, you will need:

- 300 of Twine. - 400 of Stone. - 400 of Wood. - 200 of Hide. - 50 of Fur. - 100 of each powder(stone, sulfur and bones). - 100 of Raw Copper. - 100 of Raw Iron. - 100 of Copper Ingots. - 100 of Iron ingots.

With this, you will get a nice amount of gold. (When NPCs restart, the requests too, so maybe sometimes they will request you copper or maybe not).

3.- FEED/KIBBLE. Now it's time to get the Feed, so go to the hunter and upgrade it. At lvl 5-6, he will start selling in stacks of 5 the Carnivore and Herbivore feed, but actually Carnivore feed is really expensive, so if you want buy the Herb ones or save the gold to keep upgrading the hunter. At lvl 8, the hunter will sell in stacks of 20 each feed but now, the carnivore feed is at 70-100 each piece. Also, if you want some extra gold, the hunter would order Ranger's clothes for the price of 718 gold and Lucky Clovers for 777 of gold.

4.- EXTRA. If you upgrade the Mage, he will ask you 5 Elemental Cores of Fire, Wind, Earth and Water for the price of 125 each. The bartender would order different kinds of food and house items(Cooking Pot, Table, Chair).

This is all what I actually know about them. On my server, they are all at lvl 9. I Hope this guide is useful for someone and if it is, please leave your feedback down there.