Frequently Asked Questions About this Wiki

You can start editing the wiki right away by clicking the pencil icon on the right-hand side of the screen, or hold Shift+Alt and press E on your keyboard while viewing the page you want to edit.

Alternatively, you can edit specific sections using the small “Edit” buttons after each section. If you'd like to edit without using Google's Recaptcha before submission, please register an account and log in.

No account needed! Keep in mind, however, that an account is necessary for certain functions and features on the wiki. If you simply wish to contribute, you don't need to create one. You will have to verify you're not a bot before submitting the page you're editing via Google's Recaptcha (a check box). You can bypass this by logging into an account.

Those that prefer others to see they're hard at work on the wiki, an account is recommended as your edits and contributions will be tied to that account. Otherwise, it will be based off your IP address.

Pick and choose what you'd like. If you see information lacking in a certain area, or see an error while reading the wiki, feel free to edit that page. You do not need permission to do so. If you're unfamiliar with editing on a wiki, check out the Wiki Syntax page. You can also check out the source code of various pages to see how, exactly, they're set up.

The Wiki Playground is the best place to start learning how to edit the wiki and use its syntax. There are also some helpful templates available in the playground section.

The wiki has a discussion feature (“discussion” namespace). Simply navigate to the particular page you want to discuss, and on the right side of the screen you'll see a speech bubble. Or find “Discussion” under the “Tools” menu in the navigation bar at the top of the site. Click that, and you'll be taken to a page where you can discuss the content of the page you were currently on.

If there is currently no discussion ongoing, Create the page and submit it by saving it. This will open discussions and a comment form will appear after you save the page. You do not need to enter anything before submitting the page, as the relevant ~~DISCUSSION~~ tag will already be in place. Simply save the page.

If there are already comments, you do not need to do the above. Just use the comment form or reply buttons on the page and start typing!

Ganareth is a fan-run community for the survival game Dark and Light. It was the first self-hosted one to be launched, and this wiki was later added due to popular demand. The name Ganareth itself is derived from the game's first incarnation, the MMO version of DnL released in 2006.