Rumours from leaked sources that have been credible on other facets of the game have suggested we should expect a game world size of 10,000km2 for Early Access. This would include 7,000 km2 overland and a further 3,000km2 underground.

Even in early December, we do not officially know how large the game world for Dark and Light will be.

There is a leaked screenshot that shows a world map and three starter cities.


It is possible to take a guess at the size of the world from that, though that method leads to a world-size around that of Ark Survival1) .

There is a figure often quoted (e.g. massivelyOP2) )of around 40,000 km2, but that is generally attributed to the previous version DnL3) (circa 2006). Previous comments from Snail Games Associate Producer, aka Horsejoke via Discord and Reddit stated that the devs were “still trying to meet the 40,000 KM world size”4)

Horesjoke has since retracted his own statement in favour of more up-to-date information received via the SnailGame developers in China5) . We know that portals are a feature of the game, which are speculated to lead to opening up of further land mass.

Some form of map will be available to players in the game6) , this map will be represented as a “real” item7) though no specific mention of a minimap or overlay map has been mentioned yet.